FAITH BASED Intensive Outpatient Treatment 

Faith Family Recovery Center is a faith based Rule 245G Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Program. We believe that healing from addiction requires restoring the whole person (mind, body, spirit).


Clients receive individualized care including group and individual counseling. Our counselors work closely with individuals to develop a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. We believe in helping individuals and families mend relationships and develop skills that foster continued growth and transformation.  Substance Dependency is a complex condition and we are committed to supporting our clients as they journey through the recovery process.  

As a faith based program, we believe that integrating Christian principles results in life-long transformation, healing and deep meaningful connections.




I started using both drugs and alcohol when I was only twelve. By 6th grade I had dropped out of school and I had my first felony. I’ve been to prison three times and each time I got clean. Getting sober is the easy part – staying clean is what’s hard. I knew Faith Family Recovery would be different right from the start.

Everything is more personal. The door is always open, the phone is always answered. I was emotionally & spiritually sick. Reconnecting with my faith has allowed me to love myself again. You can feel the love in the one-on-one’s and the small group sessions. Pam has a saying that sums it up “We Love People into Wholeness”.

I found lots of support here in the town of Hastings and through Celebrate Recovery at Branchline Church. It's now difficult to even picture myself living my old lifestyle. I am making plans for the future.