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Men's Medium Intensity
Outpatient Treatment with Lodging

medium intensity outpatient treatment with lodging

Bob’s Place is a unique opportunity for men to attend our licensed Men's Medium Intensity Outpatient Treatment program with lodging (20 hours/week) while living in a safe, structured home environment.


The men go on regular shopping trips, go to the gym for exercise, and attend various sober support group meetings including church.


Bob’s Place is a great option as a step-down from residential care or for those in need of more structure and support than received in Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment. We provide all meals and transportation.

Vistors allowed Saturdays and Sundays 1pm-4pm

Mandatory morning and evening devotions


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For payment, we accept GRH funding, Self-Pay, all major insurance providers, and credit cards.

Please contact Pam Schmitt at 651-437-1628 for more information.

Bob's Place
Men's Medium Intensity Outpatient Treatment
in Hastings, MN

Bob's Place Poem


In Loving Memory Of, A Great Man Whose Passing,

Sent A Women Of God, To Share A Love So Lasting,

That It Rooted Down, Into The Grounds Of A City,

Whose Community Is Strong, Whose Nature So Pretty,

That Upon This Foundation, Addicts May Build Lives,

That Exemplify Their Desires, To See That Genuinity Drives,

Knowing That Good Intentions Alone Can Never Restore Them,

They Do The Bravest Thing Ever, & Let People Do For Them,

Give Them Space To Rest, To Heal & Be Free,

By Taking The Time, Keeping It Is Simple As Can Be,

All Who Are Hungry & Naked, Be Clothed & Be Fed,

All Who Are Weary, We've Saved You A Bed,

Whatever Your Addictions, Whatever Your Trauma,

Whatever Your Afflictions, Whatever Your Drama,

If You're Willing To Take The Time, Then We're Willing To Give You Ours,

But, Make No Mistake About It, Recovery Ain't For Cowards,

Which Isn't To Say, Those Who Don't Make It Are Fearful,

But, Is To Say This, Silence Alone Can Be An Earful,

None Have Been Rejected, When Seeking God's Face,

& That Certainly Won't Change Here, So Welcome To Bob's Place

- By Faith Family Recovery Center Client

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