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A Prayer for Loneliness in Recovery

Prayer for recovery people praying in a circle holding hands

Dear God, I come to you today to pray for those who are in drug recovery and are struggling with feelings of loneliness. I know that you are always present and available to help, comfort, and guide us through every situation in our lives, including those that make us feel lonely and isolated.

Lord, I pray that you will be with those who are going through this difficult journey. Help them to find the strength and courage to continue to move forward, even when it feels like they are all alone. Surround them with your love and mercy, and remind them that they are never truly alone, as you are always with them.

I pray that you will also provide them with the support and companionship they need to overcome their feelings of loneliness. Help them to build meaningful relationships with others who understand their struggles and can support them on their journey towards recovery.

Lord, I pray that you will bless them with the knowledge that they are valuable, worthy, and loved by you, regardless of their past mistakes. Help them to find their purpose and meaning in life, and give them the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

I pray that you will guide them on the path toward self-improvement and betterment and that they will continue to grow in strength, faith, and wisdom each day. May they be blessed with a peaceful heart, calm mind, and a sense of purpose in their lives. In your precious name, I pray, Amen.

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